Our Story

After Graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a First Class Honours Degree in Biomedical Science, I, Matt Calver (Founder) was only too familiar with processing Human Tissue and embedding them in Paraffin Wax as a Biomedical Scientist within the field of Histopathology. I began thinking how I could combine this scientific field with my two favourite passions- the Arts and Entrepenurialism; something not too unfamiliar, ever since travelling to Shenzhen, China in 2008 to observe Manufacturing at the young age of 19 after starting a series of several small businesses relating to Mobile and Gaming. In 2017, I grew a specific enthusiasm in rapid prototyping and 3D design, which somewhat ironically merged with his previous skills in Histopathology involving Paraffin Wax. After over 3 Years of Development, Wonders in Wax was Born!

Pride in the creative process

Pride in the Creative Process

Each of our product designs root right back to pen and paper- literally! From here, we progress our ideas by creating a ‘mood illustration’ followed by the development of a three-dimensional version- a version which digitally represents what we would expect the final product to look like.

An Impeccable Attention to Detail

Once we have achieved the final form of the design after a stroke of 3D engineering genius, and have processed our ‘Master’ copy of the design, we adhere to our own techniques and strict scientific processes so to ensure an integral result. These processes have been tried and tested by us hundreds of times, and are truly unique, which is why we stand-out from all other 3D Candle Chandlers!