Lions have, on countless times, appeared as a symbol of strength and nobility with varying asian, european and african cultures. They are often depicted as the ‘King of the Jungle” or “King of Beasts”.

Named after where you may find her, our stunning Africa lioness is a great example of the female lion. Her highness portrays a great sense of royalty and courageousness due to her great talent and power as a huntress. Add some regal splendour to your room at home with our majestic Africa!

If you’re wanting more information about Lions in particular and how we gained our interesting facts and inspiration, please visit the wonderful educational site below!

Candle Weight

1,000-1,100g (35-39 ounces)

Dimensions (approximate- inc wick)-

Height: 14.2cm
Width: 12.6cm
Depth: 14.5cm