Akira (Dark Brown)


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The chimp spirit animal believes a subtle nudge in the right direction will often lead others toward the self-discovery they require

People with chimp totem have a great deal of intelligence and knowledge. These folks are always the wise adviser and mentor to many of their peers. As a result, they are intuitive as they are continually manifesting and transmitting their insights, awareness, and observations of human nature.

People with the Chimpanzee spirit animal are amiable, innocent, curious, and gentle. They are also very committed and successful in their relationships.

Suitably, our Beautiful Akira Monkey Chimp, is a name notable for its Japanese origin, meaning “bright, intelligent”. Akira is a popular Japanese name for both sexes that’s migrated to the West because of its appearance in manga and video games. Akiro is a related name popular for boys.


800-900g (28-32 ounces)


Height: 15.2cm
Width: 10cm
Depth: 13.5cm

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Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Grey


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